Wart Removal

Warts can be a nuisance just by looking unsightly but they can also be painful if they are under the soles of the feet. In this area they are called veruccas but they are all caused by the same papilloma virus and are spread from person to person in warm, moist environments such as swimming pools.

Children and teenagers are more likely to catch the virus just because they are usually more active and interactive. The other people who are more vulnerable to catching this virus are those with lowered immunity such as the sick and elderly. They can be recognised by their fleshy appearance and that they have a black dot in the middle where the blood vessel is visible.


The good thing about this particular virus, is that it usually burns itself out and may very well disappear between 10 weeks and 2 years after they first appear, that is, if you have a healthy immune system. After two years it is unlikely they will go away without treatment.

The problem with warts, if they do not go on their own, is that the treatments available may cause more discomfort than the wart itself. Many treatments irritate the surrounding skin more than the original condition, which can be completely painless. One treatment, the use of salicylic acid, which comes in different forms, must be applied every day for 12 weeks. The wart must also be filed down a little each day. It is not a guaranteed solution.

The duct tape cure is no less inconvenient as one has to walk about with duct tape stuck over the wart and also file away a piece of it each day. Another solution has often been to try to freeze it out through cryotherapy which is painful and take months of treatment to work.

At Medi+Care our medical team uses a pain free minor surgery procedure to tackle warts. We find that this is the only real solution for long term freedom from this troublesome virus.