Vitiligo Treatment

There can be nothing so disheartening as to see your once healthy complexion becoming strangely patchy and discoloured. Dark skin can become white and pale skin look as if it’s bleached. This is vitiligo, a condition that can strike anyone at any time although it is neither contagious nor very common; less than 1% of the world’s population suffer this seemingly random loss of pigmentation.


The saddest thing is that the cause for this condition has yet to be found. The patches of discolouration seem to be brought on by the immune system attacking melanocytes. These are the cells that usually produce melanin which in turn gives us protection against ultra violet light. With Vitiligo these cells are gradually destroyed, leaving parts of our skin unprotected against natural sunlight.

One theory of the cause of this immune disorder is that it is caused by defects in many genes. These same genes are associated with other autoimmune diseases. One of these genes is also associated with skin cancer but strangely this means that people suffering from Vitiligo are less likely to have malignant melanoma.

There are several treatments available for vitiligo though the effectiveness of some of them is unreliable and based on few facts. As Vitiligo is thought to be an autoimmune condition, corticosteroid cream (steroid cream) is used periodically to calm down the immune response. This has not been widely effective but is usually the first tool in the armoury of dermatologists. Another treatment involves the use of phototherapy (light treatment) and laser treatment has also been tried. Neither of these are any more effective than steroids but it is important to have advice from specialists in the field who will recommend the best treatment for your case.

Sandra - Testimonial

At Medi+Care we can offer a more natural approach; an effective Vitiligo Treatment which has been used for various skin conditions and has evolved from recent scientific progress in the development of stem cell regeneration. The latest experiments in this field have found that, in a limited way, the human body can be encouraged to regenerate itself and this process is what has helped us develop our ReCell™ therapy which we have used successfully on various skin complaints. Where Vitiligo is present we harvest healthy skin cells from a person’s body to ‘recharge’ the depleted melanocytes in the lighter patches. These melanin cells then regenerate the pale skin to return it to its normal colour, leaving you looking and feeling, much more confident. A completely effective Vitiligo Treatment really does improve the appearance of skin.

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