Would Stretch Mark Removal Treatment be of Value to You?

The skin is the largest organ of our body covering roughly 1.8 metres and is as important as all the others. It not only guards us against external pathogens and prevents excessive water loss it insulates us, regulates temperature, helps us produce vitamin D, protects against radiation damage and, as well as performing many more biological functions, it enables us to feel; it is our main sensory door to the world. No wonder that we are as psychologically attached to our skins as we are physically. So how do we react when it is covered in stretch marks?


Most women, however enjoyable their pregnancy and however easy the birth, are left with some physical scars from this nine month process. Some women shrug them off as a sign of maturity and the blessings of motherhood which, of course, is a very healthy attitude that should be congratulated. Others though, if their career is in the public eye, as with models and actors, have to consider their image, or are just very self-conscious of their stretch marks.

It is not women alone, though, that have stretch marks. For a still improperly understood reason, men are also sometimes prone to having these silver and purple marks around their lower torso. One theory for this is that gaining weight and losing it quickly will leave skin scarred, yet men who are always slim, even thin, can also have stretch marks. Another possible answer is that dry skin is not as stretchy as skin that produces natural oils more readily. This could be the case but, again, men also can be just as self-conscious about this or might need to have these scars removed for professional reasons.


There are different forms of treatment available for stretch marks though their effectiveness depends on the depth of scarring and whether treatment for associated problems need to be dealt with at the same time. For instance, sometimes stretch marks are deep, extensive and leave rolls of flesh between them. So it is important to have advice about their removal for your particular case from specialists in the field who can recommend the best treatment.

Fortunately Medi+Care can now offer an effective stretch mark removal treatment which has evolved from the most up-to-date knowledge of skin biology. Happily we have found, as with stem cell treatment, that parts of our body can regenerate with the correct stimulus. Stem cell therapy appears to restart a process of growth and healing in some organs. Medi+Care can take a similar course of action by making use of a patented device called ReCell™ which uses a person’s own external skin cells to regenerate healthy skin where only scar tissue presently exists.