Non Surgical Nose Jobs

Rhinoplasty, a medical intervention for reshaping the nose, was once a rather drastic procedure which might involve the breaking of bones and possible scarring. These days people who want, or need, their noses altered can opt for medical but non-surgical nose jobs which have no possibility of causing scarring to the skin.

The nose is the largest feature of one’s face and can dominate one’s appearance. It is then difficult for a person to feel comfortable and at ease with one’s looks if one has a crooked or malformed nose. Noses come in all shapes and sizes and usually are in proportion to the rest of one’s features but sometimes a bump or droop at the tip, or even lack of a tip, can make the nose seem too big or too small. Sometimes a person has gone through major surgery to correct the shape of their nose but it still needs refinement. Any of these reasons can bring a person to consider non-surgical rhinoplasty.


This procedure necessitates only a topical anaesthetic 20 minutes prior to the procedure, after which dermal filler is injected into the areas that need it. For instance; a non existent nose tip can be filled out or, a slight curve of the line of the nose evened out. As one is awake for this procedure it is perfectly possible to have more control or just watch the procedure, by holding a mirror.

There is no long recovery time or waiting to see the results, as with surgical nose jobs. The only general instruction is not to apply make up for 6 hours and to follow any specific directions given by your medical team. This has to be compared to the usual 7 to 14 days one has to take off work while recovering from surgical treatment. Also with surgery one has to wear a nose splint while healing takes place, there is no need for such inconvenience with non surgical procedures.

Although the process of using fillers can be temporary, the positive side to this is that the work can be adjusted if one changes one’s mind about what one wants for the final look or, altered as one’s face changes with time. On the other hand the temporary nature of this method, although it can last for a few years, does compare favourably to a permanent surgical nose correction that one is not happy with but might not be able to change.

This procedure is an effective alternative without the risks of invasive surgery and is much less expensive than traditional rhinoplasty. It is also worth noting that the final result, unlike some procedures, is a perfectly natural look that suits you as you age. This procedure must always be carried out though by experienced medical professionals as can be found at the Medi+Care Treatments clinics.