Lip Injections

Why have Lip Injections?

Many people may question the reasons for using lip injections as a necessary part of cosmetic beauty therapy but our lips, as they say, speak volumes about who we are. Don’t you look at a person and presume certain things about them just by how they look? Don’t we all judge each other by our skin, at least until we get to know a person better?


Knowing this we would all like to have features that announce to the world, here is a warm and attractive person who would be interesting to speak to. Well for lots of people that is just not the case, rather, their looks belie their character, sometimes giving exactly the opposite impression. Lips for instance – fulsome lips can say warm and sexy, young and full of life. On the other hand if you have been born with thin lips or time has left them thinner than in your youth, people can see you as hard, lacking humour and ultimately unattractive even when you smile.

This is where lip fillers come in; with injections used to bring your lips to perfect fullness and bring a great big smile to your face are perfectly safe. You can choose fillers thatĀ dissolve over time or that are permanent. Lip enhancement is frequently carried out these days in conjunction with other cosmetic treatments.

Is Pain Free Lip Injection Possible?

Although, for some people, the thought of having injections into such a sensitive area of the face, sounds too painful to even consider, the procedure should be relatively painless if the correct pain blockers are used. Our goal is to make the procedure as comfortable for you as possible and so we will adjust our treatments to make allowances for individual pain tolerance. Some of the lip fillers we use now contain Lidocaine which is a safe additive to help numb the area being treated.

The treatment usually consists of numbing the whole lip area with topical creams and waiting for this to be fully effective. We can then inject the filler as needed along the margin of the lips until the desired effect has been attained. Where we inject the lip filler depends on whether the clients wishes for more of a pout or just a fuller lip. Some people have what is usually called ‘smoker’s lines’ from the lips themselves, which gives a smoother appearance to the mouth. Any of these techniques will enhance your natural warm smile.

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