Lip Enhancement

Are Kissable Lips one of our Most Powerful Attractors?

It is often said that the eyes are the most attractive feature of our face but it has to be admitted that it is the lips that draw lovers in to intimate contact. They are soft and sensuous and can constantly send secret messages to admirers whenever we smile, laugh and talk. Lips that are well balanced, with the bottom lip just slightly fuller than the top, can provide a distinct advantage to the person who is born with them, without them even realizing what it is that makes them so attractive. This applies to men as well as women.


Unfortunately, not all of us are born with perfect lips and even if we are, as the years go by, our lips can become thinner and less balanced for many reasons. Quite often someone with unbalanced lips can give the impression that they are sad, mean or unhappy from an expression that is completely involuntary, which can affect not just their love life but also their success at job interviews, their relationship with their work colleagues and even how their loved ones respond to them on a daily basis.

For some of our clients, lip enhancement is the most common form of treatment to remove smokers’ lines around the mouth, which, incidentally, don’t always arise from many years of smoking but can form as a result of much more complex biological factors.

Many other clients simply wish to create fuller lips for a more sensuous smile. After all, we have to live with the face we have, so why not make it as attractive as possible so that we can live life to the full?

At Medi-Care Treatments we understand that you may have questions and concerns about lip enhancement and whether lip fillers could be right for you. That’s why Dr. Rennie would like to offer you a personal consultation, free of any obligations prior to any treatment being scheduled. This will take less than 10 minutes of your time but will set your mind at rest and make sure that any treatment plan is ideally suited to your own unique needs. This consultation can be scheduled for Skype, FaceTime, on the telephone or in person, depending on your preference and availability.

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The good news is that nowadays there are tried and tested lip filler treatments that can bring about that balanced perfection, without risk and quite inexpensively. This can make a dramatic difference to one’s self confidence as well as on the impact that one has in our business and social life. Lip enhancement and shaping is achieved by injecting filler along the lip margin and into the body of the lip until the desired shape and lip volume is attained. There are a variety of injection techniques that can be used for specific purposes. For example, we can run filler behind the lips to enhance pout or we can use natural dermal fillers like Juvéderm® to fill out the lines around the mouth and produce a fuller lip.

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