Double Chin Treatment

Excess fat can be troubling and persistent subcutaneous fat can cause dimpling of the skin, especially on women’s hips and thighs. Submental fat on the other hand, can cause what is colloquially known as a ‘double chin’ which has the effect of making a person look much older and even unhealthy.


Double chins can be caused by gaining and losing weight too quickly, the simple effect of ageing or even may be the result of habitual posture (holding one’s head in a downcast position). Of course any weight gain will add fat deposits to the jaw area whether it is through wrong diet, wrong exercise or metabolic changes. Women tend to have a particular problem with hormonal changes that can result in weight gain.

In the past anyone choosing to remove the excess fat in this area could only choose a surgical face lift but now Medi+Care can offer an effective non-surgical treatment that uses natural peptides to melt the fat away in exactly the way that the body does it. By introducing peptides into the body along with helpful vitamins and nutrients, the fat cells are broken down and then disposed of by your immune system, without you feeling a thing. For many people this represents, for the first time, a new possibility to radically change their appearance for the better.

Lipolytic Mesotherapy is not a new therapy and has been proven to be highly effective in removing localised fat deposits while also improving the skin’s elasticity. This advanced biotechnology uses a patented product; Dermaheal LL which introduces biomimetic peptides through single needles or a microneedle roller. The treatment detoxifies, smooths, tightens and makes skin more elastic.

Biomimetic peptides are the chemical messengers in the skin; biomimetic means they mimic what nature makes. Peptides are proteins in our body that are the main precursors of cell growth, collagen production, immunity and metabolism. These decrease with age leaving skin less supple and dry looking.

The Dermaheal LL ‘s 50 active ingredients are contained in a nano-capsulation pharmaceutical delivery system which was originally developed for fast delivery of medication into a patient’s system. Nano capsules are so small that they are invisible to the human eye and small enough to pass through a cell membrane. Only then do they open up to release their content inside the cell.

It is these active ingredients that boost or replace what the body naturally produces to give you tauter, healthy looking skin. By choosing a more natural solution to your double chin problem you will be helping your body rid itself of unwanted fat cells without the need for invasive surgery while gaining the firmer, healthier looking jaw line that you desire.