Cellulite Treatment

Cellulite is the subcutaneous fat deposits that cause skin to dimple and cause an ‘orange peel’ effect. It is mostly found around the hips and thighs but can be seen in any area of the body that contains fat and has less blood circulation.

Fat is naturally found under the skin and has many positive biological purposes such as heat retention and holding toxins that would otherwise harm us. Cellulite is indeed healthy fat but which has become spread in an uneven layer beneath the skin.


There are three different types of cellulite; Adipose cellulite which is firm and forms under loose skin, Oedematous cellulite, which is soft cellulite  forming under loose skin  but that can have the appearance of fluid retention and fibrotic cellulite, a hard cellulite which gives that dimpled effect.

Because cellulite occurs in 80-90% of  most post-pubescent women and is seldom seen in males, it is thought to have an hormonal component to its appearance. Estrogen, Insulin, adrenaline, thyroid hormones and prolactin are all thought to play a part in this condition.


Some possible causes of cellulite deposits under the skin could be dieting too often or for too long and lack of the correct exercise which would improve blood flow to the affected areas of the body – brisk walking and swimming are some of the best exercises for improving circulation. There is also of course, our genetic inheritance to take into account and even stress can change our chemistry which may impact on our biochemical balance.

With so many factors involved it is hard to control and impossible to prevent the build up of cellulite in our bodies and so we often need help to rid ourselves of this unsightly condition. Now Medicare can offer a reliable cellulite treatment that will rid the body of the lumpy appearance of cellulite while at the same time tightening the skin to give a smoother and firmer appearance.

Lipolytic Mesotherapy delivers both the reduction of fatty deposits and a regeneration of skin elasticity. This treatment uses biomimetic peptides. Peptides are the chemicals in our body that break things down or initiate other chemical reactions. Biomimetic just means nature identical. These peptides are made in the laboratory so that they are as pure as possible but carry out the same role as natural peptides.

By using Dermaheal LL, through the method of Nanopeptide Mesotherapy, a totally painless process of using rollers fitted with microneedles, these peptides are introduced into the body in the area to be treated along with vitamins and other active ingredients. The active ingredients are delivered in nano-capsules which enable them to cross cell membranes and release their contents, which in turn, activates the necessary biological reactions.

Nano-capsulation has been developed through the latest biochemical technology used in advanced  medical research, making this a very safe and effective treatment for cellulite.