Botox Sprinkles

The use of Botox as an anti ageing device has been growing for a decade or more. It is rightly seen as the simplest and most long lasting of beauty therapies which can halt the signs of ageing. It is a fact though that the over use of this product by some very public faces, and the incorrect treatment by many untrained injectors has started to cause Botox to lose its shiny reputation as an aid to the stars.

Now though, as many people accept a more natural look as being more appealing, they are seeking alternative therapies to hold back the years. Much of this new attitude comes from a healthy interest in inner health; nutrition and exercise, vitamins and generally a healthier attitude towards appearance.

Another reason for the fall of interest in Botox injections is that having genuine, expertly administered Botox injections leads to quite a financial outlay every few months. But there are still at least two million men and women using Botox in this way.


With people choosing a more natural look and wanting a more mobile face we had to develop a gentler therapy. What people asked for was a softer look but still they wanted to look their best selves. This is what led to the use of Botox sprinkles, Baby Botox or Microtox.

Most men and women today put the quality of their complexion above the appearance of lines and wrinkles. The smooth, shiny look is out and a fresher, healthier, altogether more radiant look is in. This is the real ingredient of youth. Dermaroller treatments aid in this by helping to produce natural collagen which plumps up the skin. Skin peels also help produce a healthy outer layer to one’s complexion by removing dead skin cells and blemishes. There are also very effective creams that reintroduce nutrients back into the skin which may have been lost over time.


On the other hand Botox still has a place in any true efforts to look younger but the secret is in using less; Botox Sprinkles are much smaller doses which, instead of being given in a few larger doses, using anything up to 10 units on the face, Botox Sprinkles use a tenth of that all over the whole face. The benefits of this new approach include, a rejuvinated complexion with smaller pores, less sebum in the areas treated, a reduced appearance of lines and yet you will be left with more movement in the muscles that give expression to your face. This form of Botox treatment would only be appropriate for those with early wrinkles or those who just want a softening of their wrinkles.

Crow’s feet can age a person but when softened they just add an attractive maturity to one’s face. We all know that it is impossible to actually prevent ageing but as we all move towards an acceptance of who we are, we can still enjoy our own reflections with the knowledge that we have not tried to change ourselves completely but have taken steps to make the best of ourselves.