Botox Prices

Should Botox Prices be the Controlling Factor in Making Important Choices?

Botox has been in use in the USA cosmetically since 2002 when it was first approved by the Food and Drug Administration but it was originally approved for medical use back in 1989.  By 2012 Botox was used more than any other non-surgical procedure as a relatively low-cost cosmetic procedure for removal of wrinkles with 3,257,913 injections being performed, 10.5% of those being on men. In Britain it has only been in use for a little over 10 years but in that time it has now reached the level of being used over one million times every year.


During this time we have seen the prices of Botox treatment come spiralling down as it has become more widespread in use.Understanding what Botox is and what it can do for you, as well as understanding whether Botox Prices will be affordable for you, can help you determine if it is a viable treatment to discuss further with our doctor. Botox works by temporarily attaching itself to the nerve endings of the muscles, effectively relaxing the muscles that cause the wrinkles.  This is why Botox is most commonly used for mini face lifts but it can also be used for helping with more serious medical treatments.

Botox has consistently achieved positive results but, even though, despite its price, Botox continues to give excellent benefits both medically and cosmetically, its effectiveness really does depend on the physician. In less experienced or unqualified hands, as with all medical procedures, there can be risks. We must stress the importance of choosing only a trained medical doctor, certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to administer your Botox injections rather than choose by the cheapest price.

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Here at Medi+Care, our treatments are only given by a medical doctor who is also an aesthetic specialist and only a certified brand of Botox is used to ensure we are injecting a quality medium.

Botox Side Effects

Overuse of Botox can lead to a stretched and strained look or in contrast, no effect at all because the muscles can become, after a while, constantly relaxed. Unethical practitioners, who often undercut the prices of ethical and more qualified doctors, can cause a frozen appearance, or “celebrity face”, which might be wrinkle-free but is also expression-free. Qualified doctors must have practical experience of using the correct technique, which is very precise, so that they know where to inject it and precisely how much to use, so as to keep the natural look of the face. Botox has been so successful because it is relatively simple to use but if the client places price over quality, in this case the consequences of Botox Side Effects can definitely show on the most visible part of themselves, the face.

Botox treatment is now a reasonably priced, non-surgical procedure which can help address cosmetic and medical needs. At Medi+Care you can consult with our medical doctor who will advise you on your specific cosmetic needs. Clients who have used Medi+Care’s cosmetic treatments have felt well advised, fully supported and been completely satisfied with their individual results. Contact us for further details of how to obtain a consultation with our doctor who can help you determine if Botox is a viable option for you.

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