Botox Injections

Although Botox, when first discovered, was merely a toxin, it has now been found to have multiple medical uses for everything from uncontrollable blinking to serious conditions such as motor neuron disease. It is not a recent discovery but was first used for cosmetic purposes back in 1989. Botox itself is produced by bacteria but this substance is purified before using in any medical procedure. Now, with many years of experience behind its use, the safety record of all Botox, for both cosmetic and medical treatments, is unparalleled.

How Does Botox Work?


Botox works by affecting the nerves in any muscle. It can help muscles that cannot reach their natural length to work or can prevent muscle movement by freezing the nerves. In the case of cosmetic procedures it is the latter effect that is usually required.

Wrinkles form because we habitually use the same muscles in our face to express emotion. Botox doesn’t prevent a person showing emotion but it does put a pause on those same muscles being used continually and thereby prevents lines and folds forming in the skin through continual creasing and stretching; frown lines on the forehead or the crease between one’s eyebrows are obvious examples.

Who has Botox Treatment and is it for You?

Both men and women from all social strata and all professions can be worried about their appearance. Some have professional concerns because their work brings them into the public eye through the media, for example if they are politicians or sports men or women. On the other hand it might be that their appearance is often scrutinised under the glare of spotlights and flash bulbs as with models and actors.

Of course anyone would like, and has the right, to keep their youthful looks as long as possible. And though we seldom welcome the wrinkled brows and sagging jawline that can accompany the ageing process, some of us, through illness or genetics, age much faster than others and can experience this effect when contemporaries still have firm flesh. Botox injections might be all one needs to rectify the problems of deep lines by softening those lines and preventing further damage but ageing can need a little more help than that and that is where Botox injections can also be used as part of a broader, multi remedy treatment  that includes using dermal fillers and a facial peel.

At Medicare we can advise you of how Botox Injections may help your individual needs.

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