Botox Cost

How Do We Put a True Value on Our Looks

Although there are many people looking for Botox treatments, many are unaware of the difference between what they will pay for treatment and what is the actual cost of Botox serum or even why there is such a difference. For this reason, when they learn how relatively inexpensive the serum is they begin to search for a low priced clinic or even someone untrained but able to inject the serum at little cost.


It is well known that in the USA, Botox parties are quite usual but at what cost could this be to people’s looks? Anyone who can get regular supplies of Botox, even hairdressers, can and do set themselves up as Botox technicians. Sadly this has become a common practice even outside of the States.

Here in Britain, a spokesman for the Royal College of Surgeons stated ‘So called “Botox” or “filler parties” – where groups of friends receive cosmetic treatments at home – are “wholly incompatible” with professional standards.’  These surgeons are pressing for stricter standards for these and other under-regulated treatments such as injecting dermal fillers.

This pressure from our top medical professionals is not to aid the commercial interests of larger clinics where they may have private practise but purely because, as the spokesperson stated,

“We have serious concerns that not all those who offer cosmetic procedures are adequately qualified, or that patients are getting accurate information prior to treatment.”

These concerns are sincere because there is a real chance that  treatments, if given by inexperienced users and especially people with no training at all, could cause unwanted physical defects which last for months or can even be permanent. Apart from these cosmetic mishaps there is a real danger of serious health problems with no medical staff on hand to deal with them. These real life costs should be taken into consideration when weighing up the cost of Botox treatments.

Although Botox is used in its purified and most harmless form for cosmetic treatments the serum cost depends on where you obtain your supplies as only the highest quality of Botox is used in the best clinics. In rare cases people have been known to have unexpected allergic reactions to the serum and in these cases immediate medical resuscitation is needed and experienced staff should be on hand.

It is obvious then that the price of Botox treatment does not truly reflect the cost of Botox serum alone but has to include the expertise of the professionals that deliver the treatment, the medical staff on hand for patient care and of course the experience that will make sure that you achieve the look that is so important to you.

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