Baby Botox Injections

Gone are the days of the frozen or surprised Botox look.

Now women – and men – want a no-trace face, one that may have had Botox, a filler or face peel – yet you would never know.


Baby Botox treatments involve tiny doses of Botox which are injected into the areas often affected by lines and wrinkles in later years. The results are very similar to those when normal doses are given, but more movement is present and the effects do wear off more quickly. The patient may have to return for the next baby botox treatment after 2 months but over time, as with regular Botox. Injections, the results will start to last longer. This can be a highly cost effective method over the long term since the Botox cost will be reduced for each treatment. Much smaller doses also give less risk ofBotox Side Effects developing.

Additionally, Baby Botox can be used to actually prevent lines in younger individuals. Injections of smaller amounts assist in preventing permanent expression lines from forming.

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