Wrinkle Reduction

Whilst laughter lines can be attractive, wrinkles or deep frown lines are generally quite ageing.

Relaxing the muscles that have caused deep wrinkles helps with wrinkle reduction or even makes them disappear altogether, whilst allowing the remaining muscles to work as normal, giving a natural appearance.

The result is a more refreshed youthful look and a more confident you.


Botox is a natural purified protein.  It relaxes wrinkle-causing muscles and creates a smooth, rejuvenated,fresh-faced appearance.

                                                Botox Wrinkle Treatment

When Botox is injected in to the muscle it temporarily blocks the chemical signal that make the muscle contract.  Only tiny quantities are injected in to very specific muscles.  Only the injected muscles are affected.  At Medi+Care Treatments we pride ourselves in the skill of relaxing the muscles which cause aged appearance whilst maintaining your natural expression.

Botox has an excellent safety profile and has been actively used all over the world for cosmetic purposes since 1987.

Botox treatment

Your Botox treatment will only take a few minutes.  Your facial muscles are assessed by smiling and frowning so as to determine the injection sites in order to achieve the best result for you.  Botox is then administered in tiny injections which feel like a pin prick.  You can return to work and normal activities immediately and no down-time is required.

Your Botox treatment will last from 3 to 4 months.  Once a small amount of muscle movement begins to return to the muscle you can then return for your next Botox treatment.  You will notice that the interval between treatments will lengthen over time.  Should you discontinue treatment, your lines will gradually revert to their pre-treatment appearance.

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