Could a Non Surgical Face Lift Be the Answer to A Maiden’s Prayers?

It’s hard to imagine what life used to be like for women at the turn of the nineteenth century when the suffragette movement first began. Yet life for women down the ages has been a long history of playing second fiddle to men and even worse, of being the chattels of men to do their bidding and serve their needs. First it would be their father who dictated how his daughter would act and who she was allowed to be with. Later she would be given away to a husband who would then have the rights over her acts and her companions, as well as any property she might have inherited.

It’s no wonder, then, that many a maiden has prayed whole-heartedly for a husband who would treat her fairly and gently, who would care for her and love her rather than take advantage of his power to treat her like a chivvy and a possession to do with as he pleased. When they were fighting for the right to vote, the suffragettes were fighting for equal rights with men, to be treated as equals with the right to make their own choices and not to be forced to do what men wanted whenever they wanted.

The suffragettes didn’t have an easy battle on their hands because men, and even many women, did not consider that women were capable of looking after themselves and making their own decisions, let alone be politically aware enough to have the right to vote. It was only after the great war to end all wars had been fought that it was considered politically astute to give women with their own property the right to vote along with a considerable number of men without property who had not been able to vote before. It was at least a start towards equal rights for women although even nowadays the struggle for power between men and women still has a long way to go.

Take the Non Surgical Face Lift as an example of a power struggle. Some could say that a woman is choosing to look younger and more attractive because she likes the power she holds, as a woman, to attract men. Many women, in order to influence men, use their youth and attractiveness, since it is common knowledge that men are more likely to be influenced by a good looking young woman than by an elderly hag. On the other hand, a woman is showing her power by choosing to have a face lift because in the past her husband or father would never have allowed her to choose to do such a thing, since it would have made them more attractive to other men and not been a moral choice.

These days, choosing to have Botox Injections or another non surgical face lift treatment, is as simple as choosing to have a new hairstyle and may not even be something that is discussed with a husband, partner or father before going ahead and doing it. Quite often it is done in secret so that partners can be pleasantly surprised without knowing the secrets of how the sleight of hand was carried out. Women like to retain a mystery when it comes to beauty secrets.

But it should be remembered by every woman who is free to choose for themselves to undergo a <a href=””>non surgical face lift</a> that this freedom was fought hard for and that this fight for equality still has a long way to go. You should no longer be forced to do the bidding of men who wish to keep you in a place of subservience. Your non surgical face lift is undertaken because it is you who wishes to do it, for your own reasons, not for anyone else’s.

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