Dr Natasha Rennie


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Dr Natasha Rennie is a dedicated medical doctor who qualified in 2001 at the University of Pretoria in South Africa.  She then pursued a career in general practice with a focus on dermatology.  Her interests soon turned to aesthetic medicine where she found the benefits of addressing and correcting concerns in appearance exceptionally rewarding.  In order to refine her techniques, Dr. Rennie studied under a renowned South African aesthetic physician and upon moving to the United Kingdom in 2004, continued her training under Mr Adrian Richards, a well-known plastic surgeon.

Here are some sample reviews:

“Dr Rennie never rushes you. She always gives you the information and care that you need” — Julie, Wimbledon”

“I hated my  forehead  wrinkling, the lines around my mouth, my lines were deep and ugly! My eyes had bags under them. Deep wrinkles between my eyes. My lips were getting those tiny deep lines. I had  Botox for my forehead. Juvederm for cheeks  to improve my baggy eyes.  The two deep creases in my forehead between eyes. Lines around my mouth, and marionette lines were injected. I had Juverderm around my lips to smooth the tiny lines my lips. I really notice the difference”  — Sarah, Wimbledon”

“It all went really, really well and I’m really pleased I had the procedure”— Katheryn, Marylebone”

“Professionally, she did a wonderful job” — Vanessa, North West London”

“I liked her attitude” — Sandra, Hampstead”

To listen to live reviews visit our reviews page.

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