Botox Injections are not for the Faint Hearted

There are many different types of people in this world but we do all share the same basic psychology, according to experts like Carl Gustav Jung. For example, every human being has a built in facility for feeling fear. We may not all necessarily understand where this basic emotion is coming from but there is nobody alive who doesn’t know what you’re talking about when you say that you feel afraid.

Nowadays there is a bewildering array of services on offer that relate to our physical and emotional well being. One of the most increasingly popular to emerge over the last decade is Botox injections that may work on altering our physical appearance but are primarily targeted at affecting our emotional health. If we are looking to inject a little excitement into our lives in order to lift our mood that has become depressed lately then we may consider that Botox could help us to do that.

Yet we don’t always find it easy to act on our thoughts. Sometimes we just feel too much fear about bringing something new into our lives. We read about botox injections and we persuade ourselves that we’re not the sort of person who could do that. If we catch ourselves day dreaming about how we could improve the way we look and that would help us attract someone new into our life we immediately tell ourselves not to be so foolish. We could never be brave enough to do that sort of thing.

Mostly this is because we feel afraid and we don’t like feeling that particular emotion so we just stop tell ourselves to stop thinking about this so it will go away. This is a habit we have got into and that keeps repeating itself in all sorts of situation.

If we were to investigate further and we were to examine our fear we would find that it is just a feeling. Just the same as sadness or grief. We don’t like feeling these negative emotions so we tend to have developed a habit that stops us feeling them. We shut them out of our life. We only want positive feelings in our life, like excitement, enthusiasm and happiness.

Except we can’t have a life that doesn’t include all the emotions. They are part of the package that comes with life. Very often we shut out any chances we have for feeling positive because we close down the negative ones before they have a chance to turn into them. That’s right, feeling fear could be the precursot to feeling excitement. We may need to go through the fear in order to create the conditions that will lead us to happiness and a new life.

Of course, not everyone will be able to do this and Botox injections will not work for everyone  This is just an example of something that can cause a response of fear because it is unknown. Everything that you haven’t done before and is not familiar can cause you to feel fear. Yet in order to build an interesting and complete life we all need to be able to explore new territory and do new things. We all need to feel fear but some of us learn to go through it, accepting it for what it is but not letting it deter us from doing what want to do.



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