Aesthetic Therapeutics

The dictionary definition of therapeutic reads “causing someone to feel happier and more relaxed or to be healthier”. Therefore, since the term ‘aesthetic’ implies a relationship to the study of beauty, we can rightly assume that ‘Aesthetic Therapeutics’ are concerned with the restoration of good health and happiness when beauty is also restored to a person.

We live within our bodies. This makes our bodies important to us. It is through my body that I communicate with the rest of the world. Particularly through our face. Our faces are filled with expression.

This is why we so much prefer to have a video call with our families than just an audio conversation. For years, technology prevented us from being able to see who we were talking to on the telephone. We got used to the impersonal communications that this resulted in and learned to use our voices to express our feelings. But when we use our entire face to express our feelings it is easier for others to judge what we are feeling inside.

Sometimes, men and women suffer accidents that change the way that they can express feelings with their faces. We may be born this way or we may develop a health problem that affects our face.

But it is not just faces that we worry about. The way our body moves, the way our skin looks, the blemishes and discolourations that can occur from time to time both temporarily and even sometimes chronically, mean that we can suffer and be less than our normal happy self.

Aesthetic Therapeutics, then, are modern technology’s answer to this form of suffering. Whether you have developed lines and wrinkles on your face that make you look miserable all the time or have lost weight and developed too much skin around your middle or you have suddenly acquired patchy looking skin that you are self-conscious about; all of these can now be tackled easily through a variety of medical approaches from skilled specialists.

Talk to us about your issues and we will endeavour to guide you back to happiness and health.

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